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BECOME A BILLIONARE figure out what clothes suit me and fit me Grow in Christ take art classes look prettier Learn meditation learn to spin my own yarn Grow in my faith HappyParty wants to Make a quilt Create a budget Learn to say no Finish my website enjoy life melayadesi wants to read the Quran regularly & consistently speak spanish fluently Get back to my healthy eating habits have groupies get a motorcycle find a husband stay happy dunk a basketball be fluent in French Learn Portuguese become better at small-talk complain less adopt Sleep well Learn japanesse sing in church choir Do something new every month littlesteps wants to Save money go deep sea fishing bellydance take cooking classes Design my Tarot Deck become ambidextrous Stress less Write to my grandmother at least monthly find new friends Learn to fold notes createkg wants to Lose 30 pounds Stop stuttering be a better listener forgive Jo wants to Give blood regularly get better grades floss my teeth find the symbol for my next tattoo house get good grades write learn to ride a motorcycle find out my blood type learn to hand quilt be fearless eat mexican food learn python jaosehl wants to Improve my photography have scene hair meet ryan dunn kiss Pierre Bouvier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cook for my friends appreciate what I have get a job become a professional singer learn to love myself visit all 50 states Buy a motorcycle wear sunscreen Start keeping a journal look great better husband keep track of birthdays & anniversaries of friends & family ??? ???? ???? ????? be more attractive Kirs10 wants to lose weight get out of debt Exhibit my photographs. Stay in college get a good job start writing again taste 100 types of CHOCOLATE learn to walk in heels write a play watch lost episodes Learn to play the guitar Apple Darnielle wants to get straight A's this year watch the entire x-files series go bungie jumping Melissa wants to Perform deliberate acts of kindness. go to Heaven see a Broadway play, on Broadway Create a Web-Comic watch less tv spend more time outdoors go back to gym be a drummer be a beautition Stop caring what other people think of me Appreciate people for who they are manage stress better See Pearl Jam live mrcreed wants to get a dog organization go to New York fall in love again design my own clothes Become a better programmer be happy all the time learn army cadence songs to run to