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visit New Zealand learn C# see how i will look when im older procrastinate less lostdusk wants to Learn Japanese wear sunscreen keep negative people out of my life relax Stop wasting valuable time be a Greenpeace activist learn to draw manga Learn AJAX style programming pass biology live DarkDog wants to invest in a mutual fund set up a weekly menu plan. learn french learn something new every day grow my own vegetables be a good father finish 1000 piece puzzle create an account latenitewanderer wants to Learn to dance Argentine tango learn to invest go to Nepal get my ged online for free create my own computer game watch all Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes get a real job Write to my grandmother at least monthly learn how to play the steel drum eat healthier food learn to swim Read through the entire Bible learn python have normal sleep hours Be more aggressive make more true friends Do something new every month Do NaNoWriMo find the symbol for my next tattoo Take better care of my appearance sort72 wants to Daily: Reflect on at least 5 things for which I'm grateful (Happiness Manifesto #2) Give advice to people who need it decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life smoke_bubbles wants to Read more books make my own advice column Go to Cal State Dominguez Hills Visit Japan floss my teeth get out of michigan Want to learn Canadian Language Practice Yoga read a book a month Visit Maine figure out what clothes suit me and fit me design clothes be a good daughter pray more Make new friends Learn to play keyboard meet panic! at the disco see a whale see a lunar eclipse Jo wants to Give blood regularly Take a cooking class rich learn to rap do something different with my hair navinslave wants to move out of this city Run 5km without stopping Visit Niagra falls become a vegitarian. redecorate my bedroom set up a website to sell the things i make go to Heaven go to church Move to NYC soccer learn to make tamales go to the gym more often love and be loved in return meet Westlife have more energy watch invader zim episodes go green Alyssa wants to Maintain healthy relationships with myself and others go bungie jumping get my motorcycle license find a pro ana buddy Move to New York read 12 books in 2010 Visit the Bronx Zoo stop being such a packrat make more money raj_satan wants to find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year look prettier house sort out my finances appreciate my parents lose weight get a pedicure get a cancer ribbon tattoo in memory of loved one learn how to tag move to america play sims 2 online for free Design and build my own house Harmless Dilettante wants to Improve my social skills live passionately turn back time