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A question about this goal: Where is the Best Place to learn on the west coast of North America? August 31st, 2005 14:08


your best shot for a good easy wave is actually at a moderately popular beach near a pier. if you figure that most people are out around the same place and most people arent pros then it would follow to do what theyre doing. you definitely dont want to go where its too crowded cause the locals can get aggressive and you also dont to go out in conditions that you feel are too difficult. southern california is usually better for beginners just because its warmer. any place south of LA is good. theyll will have several named beaches-find one with a pier or where theres just a nice looking break. theyre all over the place so finding one specific spot isnt important. if youre a beginner youre not going to want to be going out to the famous breaks partially because of the conditions being to rough and partially to keep clear of locals who will get violent if you get in their way.


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