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learn ruby on rails
A question about this goal: where's the best tutorials to sink my newbie teeth into? November 28th, 2006 23:16


I don’t know your programming level, but one thing that is important when learning rails is familiarity with the command line as most of what makes rails go is done from the shell. The unix command line is a necessary and vital piece of learning the rails puzzle.

Rails was written by programmers for programmers and makes lots of assumptions about the developers comfort with the tools and underlying architecture.

That’s what really kicked my ass as I started. The screen casts had me convinced it was a cake walk to put together a rich web app. And it is. If you know something about unix, object oriented programming, and shell scripting.

This is a blog entry I found that lists out 12 different tutorials with more in the comments: http://www.digitalmediaminute.com/article/1816/top-ruby-on-rails-tutorials

I also search the mailing list when I want to see code samples or I have a problem. Most questions have already been asked so an answer will more often than not be there: http://www.ruby-forum.com/forum/3

Another crucial source of enlightenment is the railsweenie site:

Good luck, and happy coding!

hey inkdeep!
THanks for the links & your advice! I have some shell experience.
Would you recommend reading the rails “http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/rails/)” book first, or do the tutorials?
I think i’ll be hitting railsweenie regularly!

I’d say read the book first. Some of the techniques are outdated in the tutorials as things have changed in Rails since they were written and the book will be the most up to date (if you’re reading the 2nd edition).

;) cheers Inkdeep! Good to know


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