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Fall in Love

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Kevin is so content. Thank you God!

Fall in love
A question about this goal: How much do girls like really spontaneous dates? March 25th, 2007 13:08


Kevin is so content. Thank you God!

The kind where you ask “want to hang out?” and she responds “sure!” and then you have something amazing/totally unexpected ready to go that she likes.

I mean this versus something precisely planned (like “let’s eat at that restaurant, ok?”)


So, do you mean that are really spontaneous or just that they appear to be spontaneous (and secretly you have already planned everything)?


heehee, of COURSE! What girl wouldn’t like being taken out to do her favourite things. I’d love it.

But you might not want to do this with a girl that is obsessed about schedules. If she doesn’t like it, you should probably go out there and find someone who is better suited to your style of romance.

That’s cool.
Unless the girl likes to have things planned out. Next time you’re at her house, look for a calendar. If it’s cluttered with stuff, you probably shouldn’t do the spontaneous date thing.
If it’s empty and forgotten, you’re fine. :)

Spontaneous would be unbelieveably exciting. I think many women have grown weary of the traditional dinner and a movie. A ballgame, basketball- one on one, the zoo, the frickin museum is so darn exciting to some people, or a current art exhibition, there are sooo many things! (the batting cages won me over)


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