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empress19 really needs to claim her taxes back!

Quit my job
A question about this goal: How do you write a good notice letter if you get on with your manager? May 1st, 2007 07:34


If you get on good with your manager you shouldn’t quit in a letter. Ask your boss for a private meeting and then tell them in a very nice way why you need to leave the company. Be sure and let them know how much you like them and appreciate them as a boss. Let your boss know you will write a formal letter just for paperwork reasons and then give them a short, formal notice. If you talk to your boss in person and leave on good terms you should be able to get a good reference out of them.

empress19 really needs to claim her taxes back!

Ok… I’ve just told my manager we need to talk and have a 1-1…
She seemed really cool about the 1-1.

I’m a bit scared now…

It has to be done though…



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