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That’s good.
I have to like..write some of that down.

Copy & Paste, my friend. Copy & Paste.

I have the opposite problem that you do. I’m a fiction writer wannabe and I can come up with millions of ideas, I just can’t right them as fast as I can think them.

My latest story was about a customer service rep in hell. Next up is an AI messiah. Then, it’s back to the Zombie cycle. Sheesh!

Rock on, at least you have a bunch of ideas.
Maybe my imagination is just on the fritz..
I’m very critical of my ideas, maybe too critical.
Like if I ever had the mind to come up with anything random like that, I’d probably think “Nahh, I’m not gonna be able to write a story about that..”
I like to draw, and I have ideas in my head for how something should look or what kind of mood it should have.
But I just sit down and I’m like “Alright. Awesome picture. Wtf are they doing?”

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever come across for story ideas was in Stephen King’s “On Writing” (which is ruling, BTW, every story teller should read it) -

A story is never one idea. It’s two ideas that collide. When you have ideas write them down, let them stir around in your head. Then, from out of the blue, another idea will smack into one of the floating ones. Them you’ll have a story.

~ Customer Service + Hell
~ Spirituality + AI Research

You get the idea.

That’s pretty inspiring.


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