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discover my true self
A question about this goal: what do u think is the 1st step in discovering your true self? September 3rd, 2005 08:54


Hej there, how are you doing on this?
Tricky one.. (;

For me being authentic with myself and others by telling the truth is a big part of the puzzle. try to be honest with emotions especially. try to BE HERE as yourself and make it that it is okay. then calm down and accept it, whatever it is that comes up(meditation helped me with this..)

The paradox part is that this is ALSO one most important things about ME to be honest.. it is THE WAY and SOMETHING i have found now.. funny, it seems so easy, but it took many years to find out..

I don’t know it this makes any sense for you, maybe you don’t really know until you are there.. just keep going don’t rush, you know when you get nearer ..


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