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fillyjonk i am the heart that you call home

my heart tells me to do it, through and through. my mind is telling me otherwise.

re a long term vision of myself… i feel its possibly the only route which will take me to a place where i AM meditating daily. because, being aware of my inexperience, there is no way i would put myself in that position without being fully committed to my own practice.

if i was to wait until the time when my practice was fully established before starting this i might be waiting forever.

but to use teaching as a crutch to jumpstart my own practice seems most back to front.. but as ive said in a couple of other posts, it tends to be a fairly well used M.O. of mine….

is it completely wrong? or is it a way to grow a little more (despite my tendency otherwise to resist anything which is good for me), and facilitate (even if its just a little bit) the same in others?

Brett Sanders is a self-improving, self-knowing tree hugger

The fact that you have noticed this character trait that you have in yourself, this “shadow” of the “ego” is a perfect example of what it is to be a meditator.

You do not have to sit in the lotus position for a set time each day in order to be a meditator.

You must simply be present. You must watch yourself, do not judge your actions to be good or bad, but just what they are, and respond then to the feelings of your heart.

Based on what you have told me, my intuition tells me that you want to do this.

Maybe you should not deny yourself this? Or maybe you should? I can’t answer for you! :-)

I am sure you will choose the right answer. But remember, you don’t HAVE to meditate daily. You just need to be present with yourself.

Lovely words Brett.
“Must” be present, mmmm
To many musts
Make life a bit musty.
We are present.
There is only present.
Realising that,
Is meditation.
Perfection never changes.
It is however,
Rather easy
To get attached to the game,
Of pretending it does.

nancywhite23 accepting something I can't change

What a wonderful word when you say” we just need to be present with ourselves”~~:-)

Maybe I need to do this too. I can’t be present with myself because I have big worries in my life. I am always in thinking what I should do with my boyfriend, to go on or to stop, and so on.

I can’t really appreciate life now for I’m afraid that I can’t be with him in the future because of my mother or my father’s pressure on me. I will be very sad if I can’t be with him only because I don’t have the courage.

It’s a big headache for me. I worry a lot about it.

But the point now is not that I want to or I must be married to him in the future. The point now is I want to fulfill myself, to accomplish myself, to be the best of myself.

I need the courage because I want to change.

I need to cultivate the habit of never caring about others’ opinion.

I need to express my opinion confidently even I am now without position and a job.

And I want to know what meditation is all about.

Brett Sanders is a self-improving, self-knowing tree hugger

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.

I have written a blog post on “what meditation is all about” just for you.

I hope you find it interesting!


nancywhite23 accepting something I can't change

I must change my habit that when I’m with my parents, I listen to my parents; when I’m with my boyfriend, I listen to him; when I’m with my friends, I listen to them.

I must forgive myself, only by doing this I can begin again, trust myself and do good things for myself.

I must be in total trust of myself, trust my own choices no matter whether they are different with others’ or not.

That’s a lesson I must learn.

I need to love myself, for example change the habit of resisting the good things which are good for me.


nancywhite23 accepting something I can't change

Thank you for being so sincere. I am the same that sometimes I resist things which are good for me. I want to change.

Thank you.


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