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A question about this goal: Hi! What should be my first steps toward achieving this goal? November 2nd, 2005 16:29


Well. First of all set some time aside for yourself. And do something fun! Go out to eat, see a movie, hang out with friends.

Or, enroll yourself in a low-stress class. Art, music etc. Or simply spend some time at the bookstore to find some pleasure reading.

The important thing to remember about this goal is to remember that it’s okay to not be doing something productive every waking minute of our lives.

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Thanks! I have been trying to enjoy reading more as its something i used to love doing and rarely do it these days. em… in all honesty i havent improved at relaxing through my own efforts at all. After the Christmas break when i went back to school i was relaxed but after about a fortnight i was freakin out again. Its not like a I have too much to do kinda stressed, its always about thinkin too much and second guessing what other people are thinking and wondering what i should be doin. Like i think of so many reactions to any given situation that they bottleneck only a little squeak will come out and then i think what the hell are you doing and get real up on my own proverbial ass about it. But i tried some meditation every day over the christmas break and noticed that that made my brain calm down a whole lot. Hmm…continued efforts are required. THanks again,

Best of luck to you.

I used to stress out a lot. Like after a test, I’d mull over it. But I’ve more or less realized that whether or not I stress, I will get whatever grade I will get. Thus, if I don’t stress, I save myself much trouble and well, stress. :)

destinycalling http://www.thebigbiggoalsclub.com/assessments/cleansweep.php

I have to remind myself of that all the time , thanks!


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