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write a novel
A question about this goal: How do I start? It all stays in my head... October 30th, 2005 11:56


any ideas for curing writers block? like i just dont have any ideas and its driving me nuts. ive tried writing exercises, ive tried not trying…its frustrating and i feel realy unaccomplished because im used to producing something every day. ahhh! i’ll never get anovel out like this.

The best way to wriggle out of the writer’s block is ,I guess , by stop frettng about it. Don’t always run your creativity with a time frame in mind. GO WITH THE FLOW-that is the MANTRA. Don’t force your mind into doing something. HOPE is the little thing with feathers. Let it soar in the open and clear blue skies. And the MYSTIC MOMENT will arrive when everything will fall back in place.

cure writer’s block by ignoring it. Go read, engulf yourself in something else completely forget that you are writing and that you want to write. The thoughts and ideas are in there they just need to stew a little longer then you’ll see them.

Writers block is such an arduous thing. Some things work, other things don’t. Recently I’ve been writing other things, such as plays, short stories, when I have writers block. I frequently switch back and forth between projects. That way I feel good about myself if I get a ten minute play done, so I’ll get inspired and motivated to work on my novel.

Sometimes just watching or listening to something else will help.

I took a creative writing course in grade 12, and some of the tips we were given were: talk about the story out loud (to a pet, to a friend, etc); if you have an outline, then you don’t have to start at the beginning: start at the end if you want, somewhere that you know you can just start writing.

Something my teacher said is brainstorm, which can be quite fun! Basically, take a piece of paper and write the first thing you think of in the middle of it – let’s say computer. What do you think of when you think of ‘computer’? It could be PC, internet, email, etc. For each of those, draw a line from ‘computer’ and write down each of them. Then, for each of those what do you think of? So, in the end, you have this brainstorming full of words and links between those words. I think that is a good idea for getting an idea for a story.

Anyway, hope this helped.


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