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stop eating fast food
A question about this goal: What are other quick foods for working adults with a teenager and toddler? March 8th, 2006 13:30


Melissa Axel http://music.melissaaxel.com

Sushi is another quickie option… most Japanese (or Japanese-Thai combo restaurants) can be called from the car and have healthy food ready for you by the time you get there. Not as cheap as the horrible fast food standbys, but then nothing will be. Nothing will be as terrible for your body either, so it’s certainly worth the extra few bucks you can scrounge up for food that does in fact sustain you rather than fill you up without providing any nutrition (I won’t go on about what it does do to your body and mind).

If you or a family member is too wary of trying the raw fish stuff (delicious and very healthy!) or it’s just not your thing, there are plenty of yummy other choices to be had from the Japanese menu: tempura (seafood, chicken or veggies), a teriyaki bowl with whatever you choose, a quick salad, and my personal favorite: edamame (soy beans in the pod, you pop them out with your teeth, very fun and tasty).

Edamame (when not doused with a TON of salt, maybe just a sprinkling) are an extremely healthy and yummy snack and can fill you up too. You can carry a baggie of them with you on the go as well.

Great one Melissa! We eat Sushi a lot but mostly when the boys are not around. My toddler LOVES the ginger and rice (he has a sweet tooth). My teenager is just starting to adventure to other things.
I will have to think through how to get the little one protein without fish (too much mercury for him).



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