Put a stop to the proliferation of "flavored" martinis
Appletinis Must Die!

A proper martini is gin or vodka with a hint of vermouth and olives (I think 3 is the perfect number)... and that’s it! That’s all! No other flavors allowed!


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You tell 'em jules!

I’ve never actually had a martini (that I remember) but if I ever do I would want a nice yummy flavor like watermelon or berry… I certainly would not want a plain, yucky, sock-flavored martini! Notice how I did not cheer this goal?

Party over herrrrre!

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virtual martini party

one of these nights, once the snow starts to fall…or rain for those on the west coast…we’ll have to have a virtual martini party. we’ll get all decked out in black (pjs are ok!) and sip martinis while talking online :)

mooniebutt is a Mommy!


sounds like fun.

I’m game.


back in 613 and ready to go! is dealing with changes!


we’ll have to chat about it to set a date…

mooniebutt is a Mommy!


But I’m going to drink slushy drinks.


(This comment was deleted.)


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