Just for the fun of it: List 43 things that I want a boyfriend to be (read all 6 entries…)
Yep, bored

And I needed more things on my list.

Here goes:

1. Confident, not cocky.
2. Creative.
3. Fun.
4. Smart(er than me).
5. Faithful
6. Doesn’t mind that I kick his ass in Mario Kart.
7. Has a passion and is following it.
8. Dark hair, wavy.
9. Loves animals.
10. Skillful/handy.

Oh, and the list is totally random.


you just forced me to reorder my goals.


Oh wow!

I’m on your list of goals!

And you don’t want to give me a cheer foe that? :-(


I don’t have any more cheers available..


I want to:
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