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Am I the only one?

There is a VISA commercial currently airing on television. It portrays a busy cafeteria where everything is running like clockwork. Guests are being served at a rapid pace, getting their food, paying with their VISA cards, and moving right along to their tables. Then everything suddenly comes to a screeching halt. People run into each other. Food trays tip over. Some guy at checkout has pulled out his wallet to pay with cash, disrupting the entire flow. The implication is that a “fast world requires fast payment.”

Am I the only person deeply upset by this commercial? Why is everyone in such a hurry? Why do we need to eat/pay fast? What’s wrong with managing your finances carefully by paying with cash for small purchases? Is this fast-paced world VISA that portrays a reality we now accept? Am I alone in wanting a slower, more deliberate, more considered life?


You know, part of relaxing is not just slowing down (i.e. doing the opposite of that commercial) but also not getting upset & going into a tirade about a commercial in the first place. Next time I’m in line behind someone digging through the bottom of their purse for exact change I’ll find myself stopping and wondering if that’s you.

TajLV settling in to retirement, life is good

You have a point

I did not think of my post as a tirade, but the fact that I get upset by such things is counter to relaxation. Thank you for pointing it out.

On the other hand, the next time you are in line behind someone holding up checkout because their VISA card is showing insufficient funds, or because the cashier has run out of quarters, dimes because the previous customers didn’t take the time to pay with exact change, please think of me.

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I sort of liked

the coreography of that commercial, but not the message.

but she admits to using her visa check card almost exclusively as it is easier than going to the bank machine


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