obtain & maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 20-25, which experts generally consider to be healthy. (read all 24 entries…)
Yay I've done it =)

Woke up this morning quite excited about weighing myself.


Because saturday I was 168lbs and sunday I was 169lbs.

Which means if I can just weight 169lbs or less I’ve just squeezed into the healthy range.

So I woke up got naked (Too much information? lol) and walked to the scales, whaoooooo 169lbs. BMI 25.0

Yay me :)

dancing around the office


Kudos Micky!

Keep dancing…burns lots of calories, lol. Good job..you must feel great :-)

Thanks Tishku

I am really happy and feel grrrrreat.

Just a little more to go :)


I want to:
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