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my current writing situation has just become more confusing. the knowledge about my novel is out, and everyone wants to be a character in it. i do need a lot of characters, except that some of my friends and coworkers odn’t fit into what i want in my story. i do use some of their traits, but almost no one is 100% someone.

i have also been backlogged by homework (never take six academics second semester senior year), and as such my writing has fallen by the wayside. it seems the only way i can write is either during my math class or by going to work when i’m not working and just sitting for a couple of hours and writing (because there are less distractions).

i desperately need my own writing place, and i actually cleared off the floor of my closet in hopes of sticking a desk or something in there. i really just need some time to write (138 days until my personal goal expires)



Don’t let people pressure you into making them characters. I am working on a story at the moment that has characters who are loosely inspired by people I know, but I never told anyone that. Once the word gets out, everyone wants to be in it and that is never fun. Sometimes while I am out I will see someone wearing something or dressed a certain way and I will say, huh, I want to use that. So I will make a note of it, but I won’t directly rip the idea into the story. In the novel that I finished, I have a group of people and I know what their particualr look is, so when I see someone who looks that way, it kind of makes me smile, because that kind of fashion sense was what I was going for and knowing that I can identify a person who could be from that area in my novel (in theory but not reality) lets me know I did something right.

it’s more the fact that people know that i’m writing a novel, and not that i am using their traits. my friends are really supportive of my creative endeavors, and as such they want to be a part of it if/when i get published


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