Find out what happened to oscar villatoro and Uncle Enore (read all 3 entries…)
Is there a reason

Is there a reason folks think these two users didn’t close their accounts? I’m just wondering if someone saw or heard something the preceded the disappearance that would help us narrow the search for the cause.

The accounts aren’t deleted – just inactive – but it wouldn’t be right to turn them on if their owners wanted them closed.

What was the reason for thinking these accounts were closed by the robots? We do take down the worst of Enore’s photos, but generally we let the words slide. I’m not familiar with Oscar at all – and the comment threads here are pretty cryptic as to what people think happened to these folks.

Help us figure it out!




altho i think i kind of concur with Rob’s theory that disappearance acts arent the Unc’s style as far as creating drama goes… wouldnt he be more likely to just go and throw up some random offensive picture? lol, but then who knows… maybe this technique was in decline due to his increasing notoriety

glad to hear it from josh that the ‘bots havent taken to censoring people in that way :) all the tools are right there for us to do it ourselves anyway!!!


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