Try not to start any trouble for oh.. i dunno.. an hour (read all 11 entries…)
just so you know it is possible....

if you mix grey goose la vanille(vanilla vodka) with just the right?? mixer and it will taste just like Robuitussin cough syrup..Where i come from.. ruining good vodka.. is cause for trouble..


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He may have made a wise decision.

I’ve never actually been TO the festival, but I have worked around, near, and past it on many occaisions…and, let me tell YOU…the traffic is something which has to be seen to be believed!

The best way would be for you two to come up to say, San Jose or Salinas and then take one of the buses that run into the festival.

Of course, you guys can split lanes and shit like that, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for youse.

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My understanding is that the place is REALLY crowded.

Yet…I’ve never talked to anyone who didn’t have a great time there.

My only problem would be when leaving. Usually, when I am ready to leave someplace, I am ready to be HOME.

My understanding is that egress takes much time, too…

Well, what are ya gonna do?

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I want to:
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