Try not to start any trouble for oh.. i dunno.. an hour (read all 11 entries…)
just so you know it is possible....

if you mix grey goose la vanille(vanilla vodka) with just the right?? mixer and it will taste just like Robuitussin cough syrup..Where i come from.. ruining good vodka.. is cause for trouble..


always room at the bar...

for everybodys favorite uncle..

i hope hawk made enuff of his jalepano vodka…
cause im betting this crowd..can put away some liquor!

Man...that Jalepano vodka sounds GREAT!!

How about a vodka marti with a pepper instead of an olive?


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Sounds really good, no?

And maybe some street tacos to go with it…

What the hell…Yo, Hip, twist one up, cutie!!

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Hawk~ History's mystery

That looks suspiciously like

a Bong Son bomber.


Hawk~ History's mystery

Easy to make

Just slice two or three jalapenos in half lengthwise, and drop ‘em into a bottle of vodka. It takes a little practice to get the timing right. I do know that leaving ‘em in overnight yields vodka that will make your scalp sweat rivulets.

The proper use for jalapeno vodka is to make a drink called 110 In The Shade. You’ll need a pint ale glass, 12 oz. of ale (the Inferno Red from Kelley Bros. in Manteca does well), a shot glass, and the vodka. Put the beer in the pint glass, put the vodka in the shot glass, drop the shot glass into the beer glass, imbibe.

Imbibe, huh?

I think that’s what I’d call gettin’ well fucked up…


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