have a serious discussion about our future (read all 4 entries…)
too scary

It’s not that I want to do this…I really, really don’t. But I have to. I have a feeling I might not play a big part in his imagined future life, and I think I deserve to know if that is really the case. Still, while my brain knows that it is far better to know the truth than randomly speculate, my heart is absolutely terrified and would rather stay uncertain than risk being unhappy. I rather not know, for as long as I don’t know for sure, I can ignore it and focus on Us. We’re great together. He’s great. The last thing I want is to lose him.
But again, I deserve to know. I just need the courage to ask.


hate those discussions. but it’s better to know and be sure than live in constant fear and stress, and there might be someone even better out there looking for you! good luck!


I want to:
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