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My problem is that I often have members of the public swear at me and get threatening (at work). Then I have to repeat what they said to my coworkers. So I swore again today, as in “the client yelled f* off…”. I should have said “eff off”, but I’m still going to count today as a day without swearing, even if it is a bit of a cop out.



My sister at one point worked in a job like that and my sister in law does still. It seems a way to torture yourself more than anything. lol Ack! Me, I’ll stay in my little book store and happily deal with finding a book with no name, no author, and only a quote someone remembers.

It's certainly not for everyone

In fact I think most people go into it with high ideals and end up getting burned out. I’d say 90% of my coworkers are affected by the negativism. I was already cynical going into it, so no disappointments. In fact, I’ve become a more positive person since taking this job. I prefer to look at it as a way I can make a difference in the world. Not so much because of the job I do, but because of the way I do my job. Maybe not with most people, but with enough people.

And sometimes the idea of working in an irish book store sounds like heaven.

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