post 7 photos to flickr group 07/07/07
Well how about them apples.

I went to finally join the flickr group today and apparently I’m a day too late.

There was this message waiting for me:

“If you have joined this group since June 4, 2007, expect to be banned, if space becomes available you will be invited to reapply to join the group.”

Whoops for the slow boy.


wembleyheads is swamped this semester


good comment, Matt. That really sucks of them to be so stupid about it. It was nice of you to speak up.

They don’t sound like a group of people I’d want to be a part of.

thank you

but If i was really wanting to take action, I would leave the group. I’m kinda torn about it, because I still want to participate.

I appreciate the comment on the board, but still...

...if you want to participate, you shouldn’t be torn about it.

It’s not like I don’t have a ton of other things to do…


I want to:
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