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Giving Back

I found a site that had a little logo detailing how many loans he had via Kiva, but there was no detail on where it came from. So, I’ve spent a couple of hours making my own (see attached sample).

Unfortunately, some arcane incantations need to be spoken unto the server by my ISP before I can make this available to you all to use. All you’ll need to know is your Kiva profile name from your lender page (when you log in, go to My Portfolio, and then My Lender Page).

Once the service is actually available and working, I will of course post again letting you know how to access it.

Now, does anyone know where I can find free images of a political map of the world? I want to generate Kiva maps.



that's cool!

very clever of you, dwlt!

Thank you!

It will be cooler and more clever when it actually works!


I want to:
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