get rid of my addtion to movies and ABC series--for at least 40 days..
Who Am I ?That is a question..

I should give it up(seeing movies or watching series more than 4 hours per day!!)-at least for 40 days,’cause I have something much more important need to do,which is really pressing!
Sometimes,one has to make a choice,though I know it is so hard for me to get rid of my bad habbits,just like that I still cannot follow my heathier scheldule—to give myself excessive freedom or to do some crucial preparation for what I’ve been longing for for a long time..Now,it is the time!
40 days later,I will have to take a very tough exam,which is important for my further study plan.And obviously,no doubt there,it is my own choice—no one has pushed me to do that!So,I should be totally responsible for myself..
“YOU HAVE TO PICK YOUR LIFE BEFORE IT PICKS YOU..”quoted from “Growing Pains”..share :-)


RuthG lives.

Many good wishes

as you prepare for that big exam!

You’re smart to stay away from addictive media in the coming days. That will help you focus. Something else that will help: getting regular exercise. It actually makes your brain work better! I read an interesting article about that recently.


Thank you for sharing this with me!Yes,I get it!I should rearrange my schedule,so that I may get a healthier life..I’ve seen an interview of Doc.Micheal Roizen’s,who emphasized the importance of daily exercise to one’s “Realage”,and I did learn a lot~
Again,thanks for reminding me of this!
Best wishes for you!And take care~_


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