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Fall TV Guide

Here is a quick look at the new series that caught my interest as well as some returning programs that I am looking forward to most

New Series In 2007

Here are my picks for the best premiering shows

1. Chuck (NBC) Premiers Monday, September 24th before HEROES

Computer geek by day. Government operative by night…An offbeat look at young spies in their twenties.

“As Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi plays a computer-tech expert who unwittingly becomes a secret agent when sensitive government intel is downloaded to his brain. The lovelorn, socially constipated dork then becomes a target for ninja assassins and terrorists and must be placed under the watchful eye of NSA agent John Casey and his is knife-slinging CIA cohort Sarah Walker” – Tvguide

Video clip of this show>>

2. Pushing Daisies (ABC) Premiers Wednesday, October 3rd

“ABC’s whimsical Pushing Daisies shifts effortlessly from lush fairy-tale romance to comedy to fantastical murder mystery. Intimacy-challenged pie baker Ned can bring the dead back to life with a single touch. But touch them again and, once more, they’re dead — this time for good. He puts his cursed gift to use in a side gig, helping a private eye solve murders. But when Ned discovers that his plucky childhood crush, Chuck, is one of the victims, he can’t bear to lose her again.” – Tvguide

Have a peek at the pilot preview>>

3. Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) Premiers Wednesday, September 26th

“This Drama is bold, provocative and a little tongue-in-cheek. The modern-day Faustian tale revolves around Nick George, an idealistic lawyer who finds himself representing New York City’s filthy-rich, troublemaking Darling clan after his dad Dutch, who previously held the job, dies in a plane crash” – Tvguide

Clip here>>

4. Reaper (CW) Premiers Tuesday, September 25

“In this charmingly offbeat new comedy, Sam discovers that his parents sold his soul to Satan. Now the slacker must work as his own personal bounty hunter, capturing Hell’s escapees and sending them back home. Attempting to help him with the dirty job is Sock, his wisecracking best bud and coworker at a Home Depot-esque mega-store” – Tvguide

See Preview>>

5. Back To You (FOX) Premiered Wednesday, September 19th

Kelsey Grammer returns to star in this new sitcom. His last two shows lasted a combined 20 years. Lets see if this one can survive a mere 2 months...

Returning Shows

My Top 5


2. CSI

3. ER

4. Dexter


(Lost is 5th Only because of the long delay till March 2008. Can’t wait to see what BKV has in store for us….)


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RU Still following the online comics on

Glad to find others appreciate the brilliance of Dexter

see ya around


Heroes was a bit slow starting up but it’s picking up its pace again. Yay! Back to the creepy Sylar…

I’m also really loving Pushing Daisies… I hope it doesn’t get cancelled, it’s just too sweet!


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