Nicole is grateful.

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Could NOT Be Happier

I’m so excited I’m about to BURST. A few weeks ago, I went to our company’s HR person, asking her if I could start a Kiva lending group at my company. She told me to go right ahead, but I asked her if she could clear it first with the Powers That Be, just to make sure it was OK.

Well, the Powers That Be were so happy with Kiva, that they agreed to match ALL donations our employees make. YAY!!!!!! I’m so happy I’m about to BURST. Today was the day we kicked it off, and I’ve already had $100 pledged (that’s $200 really). We’re not a huge company, so my goal is $1000, which I’m fairly confident we can do.

So, uh, my loan for this week obviously went there. My lender page says 22, but I’ve really done 23. ;)



I absolutely love this site and will be forwarding! (I volunteer as Administrator at least four hours (sometimes 10) a week to help low income families and homeless people at my church… (the non-profit has no real funding, so am looking to helping with grant writing and the like). Love this site! Will be forwarding to friends and loved ones (and friends of my dad that work at the local hospital : ) Thanks again!

Nicole is grateful.


Another Kiva devotee. I’m so glad you like it! Spread the word. :o)

Will do! : )



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