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enjoy Fall 2007 by having one new and fulfilling experience in October, November, and December (read all 3 entries…)
No sense waiting until the last minute...

It’s the last day of November, so I guess I’ll relate my new and fulfilling experience. I visited my best friends over the weekend (out of state, without the family!), and spent the weekend with my pal and his fiancĂ©. She’s really wonderful! And my best friend is marrying her! Getting to know her was very fulfilling, and when she learned I was a wine geek, she broke out a very special bottle she’d been saving for a special occasion. Imagine; meeting me, a special occasion! Very cool. (I’ve now blown my annual budget for exclamation points.)


soapscum is logging into 43things for the first time in FOREVER.

My only recommendation...

Learn what YOU like! Try different things, and when something grabs you, read the label. European wines are a little tricky, because they’re named after places whereas US/Australia/Etc. wines are classified by grape variety. So, in the case of Beaujolais Villages, you’re talking about grenache (mostly). The great thing about wine is that you can learn as much about it as you want to. Learn what you like first (big reds, medium reds, fruity, earthy, etc.) and the rest will follow. Viva vino!

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Okay. I will keep trying. :p I’ve gone to one wine-tasting thing…very different than the normal type, I think. It was for a purpose, rather than just to taste wine (help my friend choose one to make a barrel of to give away as gifts).

It was funny – she and I had such different tastes.


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