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Man I wrote this big ole long post about the Present Tarts and D sent me, but I think that at some point today when I was all emotional and junk, I forgot to hit submit.

So let me try again.

A few months ago, Tarts sent me a present, she sent me the most beautiful charm bracelet, it is perfect exactly all I wanted.

I never posted it, cause a couple months ago I put up the 3 charms I have for safe keeping, so that I would not lose them.

Well, they are safe all right, I can’t find them. So I am showing the bracelet and when I find them, I’ll then show the real deal to my sister.

D {he so loves me} sent me 2 yup, I said two. Penthouse letters magazines. They also sent me this wonderful letter, a picture Tarts and I drew one Sunday

I got a diva of a box, and three books. The one I wanted to read most I put up in a safe spot so I would not be tempted while I was studying for Finals. Apparently that book and the charms are hangin’ together having a party or something.

She also sent me the most beautiful shells I’ve ever seen, from her vacation. Corpus don’t have no shells like that at the Gulf.

I also got me a sand dollar, I’ve never had one of those before. So I just loved, loved my present.


~*Serenity*~ ~* I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, betwe

Yes Love. I am not only lucky

I am blessed to have you.


{big bold 3}


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