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Smoking up a storm

I didnt even make it pass day one last week. I had a cigarette about four hours after my last entry and have been smoking it up ever since. I am still committed to quitting, I just have to start all over again. I have quit twice in the past two years, once for six months and the other time for two weeks. Each time I started back involved me showing nicotine who was boss. I thought one little cigarette isnt going to hook me again, and next thing you know I am on my way to the store to buy a pack. I feel like I am somewhat afraid of not smoking. I feel like cigarettes have been a consistent part of my life and that I am almost losing a part of my identity by giving them up. It sounds crazy but as many benefits as I will gain and the ability to go on and complete other important tasks in my life, I still dont want to let go. Everytime that I have quit I have read Allen Carr Easyway, and it has worked. I guess I have to bite the bullet and read it again so that I can muster up a stronger resolve.


Just keep at it, you’ll get there!


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