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Wilderness Hike

So my daughter is leaving on a week long wilderness hike on Sunday. These hikes are put on by the ICA Journeys program and they are wonderful opportunities for kids to gain skills in teaming and wilderness survival and just appreciating nature.

She went on a shorter one last year and the leader told me afterward that she was a bit bored and chafing a bit under the inactivity. So this year’s hike is longer by a couple of days and a little more rigorous. I feel fortunate that we can take this opportunity.

This is one more step in teaching her to believe in herself.


zeplin912 Life is what it is.

How old is your daughter? I know that if you explain things to her the way you do to help me, she shouldn’t have any problem gaining self-confidence.

Douglas Creative Expression

Well thanks for the sweet

compliment. I appreciate it. I have done some of this with my daughter as she is growing up. She is 12 now. She was 11 when she went on that hike.

zeplin912 Life is what it is.

Oh okay. Have you recommended the dinosaur to her?


Douglas Creative Expression

I have not

shared the dinosaur with her. I will if something comes up where I think it will help her. Right now she seems to be doing fine.

zeplin912 Life is what it is.

So, it seems like you’ve been teaching her well. It’s good that she’s gotten a head start on succeeding in the world.


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