Read "How To Know God" by Deepak Chopra (read all 8 entries…)
I have been reading and reading Deepak Chopra....

In all honesty, I’m havinga little trouble getting through the book. It’s a great book. He talks about finding God no matter what level of spiritual development you have attained.

The range goes all the way through the unsophisticated fear of the fire and brimstone God of punishment and justice to the way a mystic sees God…and he describes a whole range of experiences in between.

I will catch up on my postings now to highlight some quotes that I found particularly interesting.




I forget the name, but there is a book he wrote on the same subject about how to teach children to be spiritual people.

that sounds like Deepak...

truly an inspiration person when it comes to spirituality. I enjoy the way he expresses his philosophies very much.

Anyway, I’ve shelved the book in favor of the horrible book Love in the Time of Cholera, assigned by my book club (or as I like to call it Love in the time of Culeros, which the book club doesn’t appreciate but hey, I am who I am…)...and an options book. I owe it to myself to learn learn learn so I can start some new trading, and wonderful Doris was so kind as to show me some things this past weekend…she really motivated me!


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