Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

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Now I have another dentist

I got a letter from my dental insurance that said they’ve signed me up with a different dentist. Hopefully, the staff will be nice to me when I try to make an appointment next week.


It's amazing that some in the medical / dental field don't treat their patients as customers...

But finding a good dentist is not easy… but asking around is a good way. For example, asking your general practitioner or gynecologist. I am sure they wouldn’t settle for bad dentists…

Note: Make sure your general practitioner or gynecologist has good teeth before you take their word on a good dentist.

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

Since I never go to the doctor, either ...

I can’t ask them. :)

I did ask around to some people at work, but all the dentists they recommended aren’t taking new patients. I ended up picking one close to work.

I wonder why finding a good dentist is not easy. Are there more bad dentists than good? What makes a dentist bad? I haven’t been in so many years, I don’t even know. I just know if the support staff is rude, I don’t want anything to do with them.

Since you (as well as me) have not much experience going to dentists...

You haven’t had the unfortunate experience of having a bad (ie, bordering on incompetence) dentist yet… That is probably one of the key reasons why “good” dentists are completely booked and not accepting new patients…

Kim N Still single. Don't wanna be.

That's what I'm afraid of

(that the good dentists are all booked)

I worry about the ones who tell you that you need a lot of unnecessary work done so they can run up the bill.


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