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I am

really not doing well with this goal at all. In fact, yesterday I sent my resume and a cover letter to a firm in California (shhhh – don’t tell my boss) No doubt nothing will come of it, but the housing market has sufficiently tanked there, and this job sounded so “me” ....




I could go out in shorts today too, it would not be as comfortable though. It was about 20 degrees this morning. Not good for shorts really, but much warmer than -1. It’s funny when it gets so cold that 20 or 30 degrees feels warm.

I guess...

like so many things in life..

it’s all a matter of perspective, darling, isn’t it?

So what’s the temp. like now?


it’s above freezing finally, highs in the 40’s.

What my daughter has discovered, though, is that even if you make an offer on a house, you’re likely to lose out to somebody else even if you over-bid. The last offer they made was one of 6 that day, 3 of which were cash offers. It’s hard to compete against that. Guess I’d better work on being happy here sigh

your daughter is out here in Cali, right?

Where is she making offers?

Wow, that’s a rare scenario right now…I can only imagine it must have been an bargain-priced (for the market) property and a lot of people jumped on it. Prices are not going down all that drastically yet. They are declining yes, surely, though.

She is

way up north in Antelope, a suburb of Sacramento. The market there has totally tanked (I’ve had my eye on listings online for several years now). But you’re right; that particular house was bargain-priced because it had been vandalized.


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