jaspurlin is striving for balance

Do 50 situps (read all 2 entries…)
Getting closer

up to 40. Haven’t really been hitting this that hard, but the last couple days I’ve been more motivated.



I was doing 75 till I hurt my back this semester. lol, using ab equipment. Now I can only do 8 on that, but I can do 35 on the mat. I would like to do 50 on the mat myself.Take Care-Hope you get this goal.

P.S. IF you reach this what will you do with it??

jaspurlin is striving for balance

I've been slacking on this,

I’m back into the mid 30’s. But, when I get it, I’ll just up the goal. It is to me kind of silly to target things like this, when I really just want to be a bit more fit in genereal. But it’s hard for me to exercise without specific goals.


I want to:
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