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Last weekend: Hard to believe this really happened!

May 16-19

Friday Some friends and I went bar-hopping in North Beach. They were wondering how you get into conversations with strangers, especially women. I said I was no expert, but I’d been experimenting with this stuff for the last year or so. I walked up to a beautiful woman and asked if she knew a creative drink for me to order. Within a minute, this led into an hour-long playful conversation with some people from Ireland and Scotland, about accents, terrible strong drinks, and more. Out on the street, I got into a conversation with another woman. Five minutes later, we were kissing, and two hours later, we achieved an old goal of mine that I had long ago given up on. Wow!

Saturday Went on a more ordinary date: the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, followed by watching Dopamine on DVD.

Sunday Had good, long talk with the ex-gf at Sparky’s Diner after having a great time browsing books together at Books, Inc.


I guess I don't know


In my mind, the “never seeing each other again” part is not important. What was important (and exciting!) was escalating from meeting to “all the way” in one night, and having the connection be pretty sexual from the start.

We exchanged email, so there’s a chance of meeting again. She seemed a little embarrassed to have done something so out of character, though, so I don’t think it’s likely. I sent her a nice note the next day, and she sent me one back.

Tink will be returning in baby steps.

I think the "nice note" exchange...

...may tip the balance.

It would for me. Genuine One Night Stands I’ve known (mind you, this was “back in the day,” before e-mail and cell phones, but we did have telephones) never bothered to acknowledge the event afterward.

(This comment was deleted.)


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