Wildcranberries seems to be back.

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This is proving

more difficult than I thought. “Great goal”, I thought – “must add that”.

But now I’m all confused. In order to say “yes” to some things I really want in life I have to say “no” to other things I really want in life. And then that makes me feel I’m not saying “yes” to life at all, but rather “maybe, life” or “ask me again in a few years’ time, life” or “what was the question again?”

I know about giving up instant gratification for The Good That Is To Come, but how do you know which is instant gratification and which is your Life? I know I’m probably meant to say yes to the bad parts of life, all of it, but does that then mean I shouldn’t try to shape life consciously at all – or is that rather the ultimate yea-saying to or affirming my one precious life?

This is all just rambling, but I wish I didn’t have goals I don’t understand myself. Or do I? Are those ultimately the best goals, the ones I have to struggle to make sense of, the ones I have to stretch to try to reach?

I’m a fundamentally lazy woman, so I surprise myself constantly by choosing ‘not easy’.

[Edit: Note to self: perhaps I’m not “fundamentally lazy”. Perhaps that’s a limiting belief.]


Oy, you! Out of my head!

I swear, that last sentence could have been lifted directly from one of my journals or posts.

I can see so clearly that you are not at all lazy. In fact, you’re probably overbooked and overcommitted and overworked. Naturally, you want to take a break but you label that urge as laziness. You’re one of the least lazy people I know!

Of course, I can’t at all see that in myself. I’ll be your mirror if you’ll be mine.

Wildcranberries seems to be back.


very fond of you, you know, Tiisi.

I’ll be glad to be your mirror. It seems like a shiny and glamorous kind of job. :)


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