Pet a squirrel
i realized yesterday

that i really want to do this!
those sneaky little things never let you touch them! but they’re so cute. :)
i bet the best way to do this is to lure them in with food. like nuts. or skittles. :D and then BAM! pet them! hehe



Here is what you need for the BAM! I hope the squirrel likes you after it blew! Well… if there is STILL a squirrel!


it’ll at least lay still and let me pet it after the BAM. :) yeah if it’s still there…
maybe i should change this goal to: pet a LIVE squirrel. :P

Oh! a LIVE one?

Then we should try finding another kind of BAM!

A hammer would do great. Maybe. Or any kind of blunt weapon, obviously.


I want to:
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