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#4. Don't have twins - and other tips for savings with babies

I’m just saying – there are no hand-me-downs, and you have to have some items in duplicate.

If you must have twins, look on craigslist for gently used baby stuff. Most baby equipment gets grown out of, not used up. Mr. Terrierhead and I have found some lovely chairs for the boys on craigslist. The chairs are in perfect condition but were less than half the price of new.

Resist the urge to dress your twins in identical clothing. Yes, it’s cute beyond words, but do you really need to buy doubles of their clothes?

Or, you could break those rules and help support a nice cause (HG awareness)

Making your own baby food is surprisingly easy and saves a ton of cash, especially if you already own a food processor. Those tiny jars of store food add up quick, and the homemade stuff tastes a lot better. Check out this link for helpful hints and recipes.


singletons only, singletons only, singletons only, singletons only

A Well-Read Dog Head is standing right behind you

You've got it!

Now, just keep that up for the rest of your reproductive life. :-P


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