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Already have 2 cheers, and no entries...

I guess I’d better make good on it! Now I just have to get over my debilitating fear of rejection. :( Might take me a while to work up to this one…


Mike <-- RESPECT. The monkey.

I have to ask..

How can you tell when they’re being fake? :D

Thanks for the tip, though—I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get around to this one… Work & school are eating up so much time right now. Well… Maybe I can ask somebody to lunch…

wunderland please pray for my brother as he battles with Leukemia

how can i tell?

well, it could be instinct or maybe intelligence – if you’re putting on a total show to get a woman and she’s impressed, i’d think twice about going out with her, ‘cause she’s either a complete idiot or a shallow person.

i’d definitely try to fit in a lunch date, just ask someone out as casually as possible – don’t over-think the approach :) i’m rooting for you!


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