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New camera

Just got a new camera. Now I just need to figure out how to best use it.



is that the actual cam you got?

looks like a good one!


Last years model so it was only £199. It’s got a Leica lense. 12x optical zoom. built in flash. Manual focus. 5mp. It came with only a 16mb card which doesn’t even fit 1 picture using the highest settings :lol: I thing it won an award too. I’m looking forward to photo challenge starting up again.


thats a good deal...

what a stupidly small memory card! i just got a GB one for mine!i can fit hundreds of photos on it! but my cam uses alot of memory card per pic! yey for your new cam! photo challenge starts again after new year!

Yeah I'm really happy

It came from jessops aswell which I wasn’t expecting to be cheap. It’s been removed from their website now so I think they must have sold the last of their stock.

How much was the GB and which make is it? I want to get one but you see alot of mixed reviews of them. And what resolution do you use?


well well well

i got the GB compact flash card for crimbo but they are about £100 but very worth having! they mean you be snap happy and not have to upload pics every 5 mins! I have canon eos 350d, i love it but spent silly money on it!
Oh your gonna have so much fun with your new cam!

And may I add

How was your crimbo?


well kind sir...

i must say it was ok! i had a good time seeing my sisters, i have 3 and it was lovely to be with them for a few days!
I am glad xmas is over now though!
Oh and i suggest you buy a good tripod for the new cam!
How as your crimbo?


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