youster Time is a non-renewable resource; once used up, you can't get it back.

get over phobia of trains (read all 6 entries…)
31st January 2009


I have to catch the train to Wolverhampton at the end of January!!

For my 18th, Emma bought me and her tickets to see Bloc Party… it’s gonna be an INCREDIBLE weekend, staying in a travel lodge and stuffs! But… the train!! :O

I’m sooo scared!! Emma’s been on one before with me. Well, she was even there the first time I got on the tube (and last)!! So of all people SHE knows how to handle it!! But all the same, I’m terrified!!

Bloc Party will cheer me up when I get out the coma though I spose! :P

Maybe this can be the next step towards conquering my fear.
x xx xx x


youster Time is a non-renewable resource; once used up, you can't get it back.


That’s excellent news! If you got over it it gives me a lil bit more hope that it’s possible I will!!

My plan is to kind of make myself get on them, this will be the first little step. :)

I don’t take hallucinogenic drugs either, so maybe if I feel even more secure about myself then I might follow in your steps to getting over it!!

:) Thanks for sharing! xx x


What are you like with planes? Have you ever flown? I first flew when I was 30 – I was terrified. I’m still very nervous about flying indeed. On Wednesday I had an interview for a job that involves travel to China and India and I felt I had to mention what I’m like on planes. Because of that they are having doubts about taking me on – I know because the agent told me this afternoon. So getting over my aerophobia is something I will definitely be working on.

youster Time is a non-renewable resource; once used up, you can't get it back.

Sorry for late reply ... but better late than never, hey?

I’m actually fine on planes, which I must admit is a bit odd because in theory they should be scarier than trains!

So what happened with the job in the end? And have you thought any more about getting over aerophobia?
x xx

An also slightly delayed response

I didn’t get that job. Several unsuccesful interviews later I was doing well in an interview and the boss said I would be required to fly to the States, far further that I’d ever imagined I’d be able to fly, as the guy I’d be taking over from was based there. Rather than lose another job I just said that was fine. Come the night before the flight and on the day I was, as usual, nauseus with nerves. But as the day went on, I got less so. The trip in the end was very long because of having to be diverted, but by the time I was getting on the third plane of the day, I was absolutely fine. The journey home was also fine. Facing the fear and doing it anyway finally paid off.


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