websaresticky is disappointed she hasn't accomplished many things in her absence.

be a better conversationalist

something tells me this is going to be one incredibly impossible goal.

not only do i not have a life, but the people who are involved in what i call “my life”, are starting to get on my nerves after a few days.

i guess the real goal is “become a better conversationalist.” I cant create a conversation on a whim to save my life.

(PICTURE: ...this has nothing to do with the entry… i just like this picture. its of water droplets. i didn’t know what to put as a picture to represent this entry. :\ )


websaresticky is disappointed she hasn't accomplished many things in her absence.

lol, nah, not really, it’s worsened if anything. Sad! I’m a decent conversationalist when the ball gets rolling, but it’s that dead silence at first and my inability to find a suitable topic that doesn’t involve the weather that’s the main problem. They say to talk about things the other person likes, and i’m trying that, but sometimes (read most of the time) i draw blanks. thanks for the tips though!

thefabmadamem Spring is almost here! Time to reinvent the year.

Aw, you're probably fine!

After all, it takes two people to make a conversation; it’s probably the other person dropping the ball.

BTW, the weather is still a great (if cliche) ice breaker, because we’ve got weather everywhere, and there’s not a dang thing anyone can do about it except talk, talk, talk. LOL! And it can lead into great conversations about gardens, global warming, outdoor hobbies, etc.

(: But I completely understand about drawing blanks. I was sitting with a group of fifth graders the other day (I travel to schools to give talks), and they completely froze me out. LOL! I was feeling miserable - can’t even talk to 10-year-olds! But, now I’m thinking, hey, it’s probably not me, it’s probably the fact that those kids just didn’t know how to deal with an old woman at their lunch table (-:. So, it’s OK. It’s only one convo, and I knocked the eight-year-olds dead at my next lunch hour, LOL!


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