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I want an avocado plantation (read all 4 entries…)
Advocate avocados

I love avocados. I like walking around avocado trees. So why wouldn’t I want my own plantation? Stands to reason, yeah? I picture myself riding a horse through my plantation. Does anybody know how many types of avocados there are in the world? My favorite is the Queen Anne, like a round black smooth and shiney skinned softball. The taste is out of this world.


DocD "Come in outta the rain to hear the jazz go down."

Queen Anne

Actually, the only time and place I found this avocado was from a friend’s very old large tree in 1976 in Los Angeles. As to its firmness, it was perfect, probably due to us picking it right from the tree at the perfect time. As for nuttyness, I’m not sure what you mean, but it was more flavorful than any other I’d eaten, soooo gooood.

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so far my favorite avocados are grown in Ventura county.

DocD "Come in outta the rain to hear the jazz go down."


I’ve eaten plenty of avocados from Ventura county. What I seem to find here in Hawaii in the super markets are hass. The local Hawaiian grown avocados are bigger, smoother skinned and not as tasty. In Indonesia they are small thin and long. My brother lives in Mongolia and can only find Russian grown avocados which are usually partially rotten from slow shipping and poor storage. When he comes to visit, he gobbles up avocados like candy.


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