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A wonderful Opportunity to Step Up as a Leader!

I’m excited- there’s a vacancy – The Director of The Happiness Movement


I’ve spoken to a few people, some of whom are very successful people- best selling authors, Film Directors etc & they’re all convinced that I AM PERFECT for the job!!!! They’ve even offered to provide references for me :)

I’m really excited, yesterday I did some filming- interview style which I’m going to use as part of my application – I’ll send them a DVD to convince them to meet me for interview :)

I’m excited!

I believe that working in an organisation such as this will give me the structure & support that I need to really bring out my leadership skills & qualities.

PLUS it is in exact synchronicity with who I am, and what my life purpose is- to help as many people as humanly possible be happy, healthy & wealthy.

watch this space!!

If get the job I’ll have blown my anonymity on 43things entirely :D


ann daniels is back to living a happy life

Best of luck

with the application and interview!

weallareone amazing things are happening...

Thank you :)

much appreciated!

weallareone amazing things are happening...

I heard on friday

I didn’t get shortlisted for interview.

I learned a lot in the process though, so it was well worth it!


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