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Your experiences with stereotypes and prejudice

What stereotypes are people most likely to apply to you [i.e. blonde, racial…]?
Does that stereotype actually apply to you in any way?


Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

good question

As a Jewish (well, mixed heritage) woman with a non-Jewish surname, I might confuse people with regard to their expectations.

I am still trying to figure out why I never clicked with Jewish men, as much as I found them interesting. I think they expected me to look or act a certain way. Some thought I was “too Jewish,” others…? Dunno. But I definitely – repeatedly – had the sense that they were not really getting to know the Inner Cloudberry. Meh. Their loss.

Non-Jewish men, I think, find me just a little exotic, but not threateningly so.

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I can’t say that I’ve ever considered you exotic or threatening, but since I’ve never met you in person, that may change someday.


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