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sunday, 18 july 2010

figure 1.

poppyseed raw with butter imported from normandie, france

figure 2.

sicilian (a honey-herb glazed salmon) with creamed cheese and red onion.

figure 3.

ming tsai (peppery/spicy) with creamed cheese.

figure 4.

whole health with havarti, toms, mustard, sprouts.

figure 5.

chocolate chip with sheep’s milk cream cheese.

figure 6.

chocolate chip bagel with almond paste.

figure 7.

chocolate chip bagel: 1/2 with the sheep’s milk cream cheese; 1/2 with pistachio paste.

figure 8.

accompanying beverages. grape soda, darjeerling, coffee with cream and mr. petrnotail’s apple juice.


ExGratia is on a mission.

If you do not mind,

I would like to join you on this goal, as I’ve recently discovered a new lunch-joy. Its a bagel shop that makes the best bagels EVER, and then turns them into spectacular sandwiches. I would love to share a picture of the Sea-Salt Nova Sandwich with Mixed Fruits that I ate today. It made me feel woozy with carb-induced flavorful bliss, and it wasn’t just my blood sugar surging.

May I? Huh? Huh?

I could never turn away a fellow bageler

also, this sea-salt nova samich with mixed fruits sounds intriguing. deeply intriguing.

ExGratia is on a mission.

Thank you! Then I'm in, directly!

I will post a picture every time I eat there.

I will tell you a secret. I only ride my bike as much as I do so I can eat bagels. ;) Kidding, but it is one of the benefits of riding so much…my carb sensitive system would have a bagel taped directly to my ass, if it weren’t for riding burning them off me.

That Nova was a freshly baked soft-chewy salt incrusted ring of heaven. Salmon, tons of capers, red onions, tomato and cream cheese on a plain bagel that had a full crust of mild sea salt all over the top and bottom. The mixed fruit was on the side, but it was fresh and the perfect sweet compliment to the saltyness of the bagel.

This is the ONLY shop in my area that bakes their own bagels besides that Panera chain. Panera’s good, but there is no comparison. These people put magic fairy dust in their bagels. I’m in love.

sounds divine

and even though I do not eat the salmon, i can appreciate it from afar. my newest fixation is the bean dip and goat cheese combo on a whole health bagel. it’s unlike anything i’ve ever tasted. and wouldn’t you know they were out of my dip last sunday. my replacements were phenom though.

yay. i go to bagels every sunday with the friends, but have failed to post each time. you’ll keep me in check. how exciting!

ExGratia is on a mission.

Pistachio paste, sheep's milk cream cheese,

on a chocochip bagel has me drooling! I haven’t ventured into dessert bagel territory, and I think you’ve inspired me. i must!

I’m off to bed, to dream of bagels and bicycles, but I’ll try to post tomorrow if I make it over there then.

‘night! and thank you for the cheers! I’ll pass the along before I go and share the bagelly cheer love.


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