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Driving a sports car like it's made of glass...

Yes, I know, there are more rants out there about driving than could fit in an encyclopedia. But, here’s one that came up lately. Don’t buy a high end sports car like a BMW or Porsche and then drive it like a granny. (No insult to grannies intended.) So, a BMW pulls out in front of me, and goes just the speed limit, or just under?? WTF? If you’re going to pay big bucks for a car that moves, MOVE IT! That’s what it’s for. Grrrrr. By the way, Toyota Camry drivers are the slowest drivers. Never get behind one, or it’ll take you an extra hour to get to your destination.


gitana17 Life doesn't come up with a remote,so,get up and change it yourself!

hahahahaha,Anita,you made me laugh,I think the same about those expensive cars,what a shame,idiots driving so slow those fine machines,it makes me mad as hell,by the way, i think that the PT cruiser drivers are the sloooooooooooooooooooooooow ones

HavanaCat is traveling though time and will return last week

ha hahahaha!

Thanks for your comment…I’m glad someone agrees :) Yes, PT Cruisers…omg. The drivers do generally go slowly, maybe that’s why they’re called “cruisers” but excuse me while I say that they’re the ugliest cars around, besides that cube thing. My husband and I have fun with the PT cruisers…you know the “Punch Buggy red (or whatever colour the VW beetle is that you see), no punch backs!” game that kids play, we play that, but we added one, “Punch Ugly red, no punch backs!” whenever we see a PT Cruiser. Ha hahahaha!


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