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Internet Relay Chat

Everyone should learn IRC and find a good channel to join. has really good channels. there are soo many people on there that do feel therian and people who can offer advice on many different subjects. just being able to talk to other people around the world who feels the same way you do is pretty damn amazing.

give it a try, you might learn something or make a really good friendship.


Lupus I can’t believe you’re still around, last time I saw you around had to have been nearly half a year ago.

How’s life been treating you?

lupusphasmatis feel the love

I have basically moved on from this site, it has lost its use to me.

I don’t recognize your name. Have you changed it?

Life is okish. A lot more work needs to be done, but I have learn a lot.

come onto there are a lot more interesting people there and I have found out that most furries do feel like their fursona on a deep level, like we do.

Pretty much every single person I have talked to is very deep and intelligent. I really enjoy talking to them.

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