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It's so easy

to stay on a diet at home, and so hard when I’m traveling! For example, I’m in a hotel now. I looked at the breakfast menu this morning, and the only thing healthy they had were eggs at $29! Scratch that. I got a danish at $14 instead. That lasted me till mid-afternoon, when I could finally dash in the hotel restaurant, which had been woefully over-crowded. Again, cost was an issue, so I had a chicken salad sandwich on wheat. It’s 7:30 now, and I buckled and tried to order room service, since I have some work to do in my room, but it would take an hour and a half! Ergo, I’m sitting here with a small can of mixed nuts, the healthiest thing (from a diabetic perspective) from the minibar.

Anybody else out there who is diabetic got any tricks for handling eating healthy while traveling???


Adar What?

I am not diabetic...

but I have spent a lot of time on the road in the past couple of years, living in hotel rooms on a minimal budget.

I pack beef jerky and unsalted nuts. If there is somewhere to shop, I buy a bag of apples and some peanut butter. I’ve even been known to pack them if I thought I couldn’t get to a store. It isn’t exactly Fine Dining, but it keeps me out of worse things.

Sherlock has internet again!

Inspired thoughts!

Really brilliant. Question, though—Is it okay to bring food through the airport security?

Adar What?

As long as it is not a gel or liquid...

I’ve had no problem. And I am always ready to cheerfully toss anything that the TSA disapproves.

I’ve never taken peanut butter in a carry on – I doubt they would allow it. But in checked luggage, why not? I just wrap it carefully so that if something untoward happens, I don’t wind up smelling like Little Miss Peanut.


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