creativekitty Back on 43 Things again! :)

Complete registration for three OU short courses
Well I'm trying again!

This time the courses I want to do are:

Introduction to the social sciences pt1 – registered now just need to send off another financial application form have to go back to the doctors and get it signed properly! Urgh!

Making sense of the arts – have to print and send this app off or do it online and pay straight away. I think I will have to pay for this one, as there is not much time before it starts (march) and it’s much more tricky to get funding as it is a short course they have got catches on it. Annoying but it is not as much money as the others.

Heritage whose heritage? – another short course that is the same as making sense of the arts. But because this starts later and if I am approved for my first lot of funding from the Social Sciences course, I should get this one paid for too!

Completion of these courses will give me 60 credit points. Then when I go onto do that other course I was so close to starting in feb but now is too late, that will mean I would have completed a first year of study at a university. And I’ll get a Humanities certificate too!


creativekitty Back on 43 Things again! :)

Love to know...

How you’ve been finding your course? There’s so many different courses to chose from, I do like the social sciences side, but also the Humanities too. I do want to work towards getting enough courses done to get a degree with them, as it’s the only chance I’ll get. I would not be able to afford to go to a Uni full-time now but I think the OU is a great alternative, even though it’ll take longer! Best wishes with your studies, nice to get in touch with someone who is doing a course with them too :)

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